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Pepe Chain: A Meme Coin to Avoid

You heard it here first... don't buy the hype! I've been around long enough to see this repeatedly, and it never ends well. The story is always the same - a new Meme token makes some random person a multi-millionaire from a measly investment. Everyone jumps into it expecting the same results, only to become exit liquidity for others, including the previously mentioned millionaire-on-paper. I've seen this same blueprint with Doge and Shib amongst others. So for those that are new to this, let me explain the new phenom, Pepe Chain:

Pepe chain is a cryptocurrency project that uses the Pepe meme as its mascot. It claims to create a digital token representing value associated with Pepe-themed assets. However, Pepe chain is a terrible investment with many security and liquidity risks. Some of these risks are:

  • Low liquidity: Pepe chain tokens have very low trading volumes and on-chain liquidity. This means that a single holder’s action can drastically change the price. A single $PEPE holder could cause the value to drop by more than 99% by selling all their tokens.

  • Whale manipulation: Pepe chain tokens are held by a few whales who can control the price and supply. For example, PEPE’s top bull also has millions in SHIB, but holdings suggest risk for crypto traders. These whales can dump their tokens anytime and cause a crash for other investors.

  • Lack of endorsement: Pepe chain tokens are not linked to their creator, Matt Furie, who does not endorse or control the token. Moreover, the Pepe meme has been linked to controversial and extremist movements, which could harm its popularity.

Therefore, the Pepe chain is a highly risky and speculative investment that you should avoid. This is not investment advice.

But real talk, going to the casino and betting it all on Black is a better bet. Don't be someone's exit liquidity!!!

Let me know in the comments if I'm 🧢 or not.


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