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Lakers' Big Man to Ignite Game 6 Showdown

LeBron and his Lakers are set for a game 6 face-off against Ja Morant's Grizzlies. With a 3-2 lead, the Lakers are feeling the burn from that Game 4 overtime. It's do-or-die for Memphis tonight, and they need to break their losing streak against L.A.

Anthony Davis has been a defensive monster, but his scoring's been all over the place. He's had two 30+ point games, but Games 2 and 4 saw him barely making an impact. I'm betting Davis will bring the heat tonight, taking some pressure off LeBron. Jaren Jackson Jr. has been putting the squeeze on Davis, but our L.A. big man's got tricks up his sleeve.

If Jackson Jr. gets benched due to fouls, Memphis is in trouble. With Steven Adams and Brandon Clarke out, Davis could have an even bigger edge. As Morant and Bane go full throttle, the Lakers will likely slow things down and give Davis the spotlight. This prop's lower than expected, so I'm grabbing these odds for Davis to power the Lakers' offense.


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