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Ja Morant and His Love for Guns

Another day, another "Ja Morant caught on camera with a gun" story. Ja Morant, the Memphis Grizzlies' star point guard, was seen holding what appeared to be a gun in an Instagram live video. And to make things worse, this is the second time in two months that Morant has been caught flaunting his love for guns on social media.

Now, I know what some of you might be thinking, "Why is this even an issue?" Well, it's pretty simple, really. NBA players are role models, like it or not, especially to young men who idolize them. And seeing their idols displaying cavalier attitudes towards guns only reinforces the already dangerous idea that owning a gun is cool and macho.

In March of 2023, Morant was suspended for eight games by the NBA for flashing a gun during an Instagram Live video from a Denver-area strip club. But it seems that he didn't learn his lesson. Last Saturday, May 14, 2023, he was caught on camera again, this time holding up a gun in a car with several other people. Morant has apologized for his previous actions, stating that he made a mistake and taking responsibility for his actions. But it's becoming abundantly clear that he's not learning from his mistakes. And the fact that he's putting himself at risk of further discipline by the NBA only reinforces this notion.

I understand that owning a gun in the US is a constitutional right, but with that right comes added responsibility. Responsible gun ownership isn't just about owning a gun; it's about understanding the dangers that come with it and taking necessary precautions to prevent accidents or risky behavior. As a young black man, the situation he is in isn't like most. His privilege isn't what most people who look like him are. What may be cool for him is extremely dangerous for most of us. And as a basketball player, what are you telling those young hoopers who look up to you?

It's time for Ja Morant and other NBA players to understand that owning a gun isn't something to flaunt about. Yes, legal ownership is a right. But there's a responsibility to the league, your franchise, and the young fans who look up to you. It's time for players to take responsibility for their actions and be better role models for young men everywhere. To be better, when you know better, you gotta do better.

Ja Morant's love for guns is concerning, especially as an NBA player and a role model to young men who look up to him. The fact that this is his second public display of gun ownership on social media within a short period only highlights the severity of the problem. As a society, we need to discuss responsible gun ownership, considering the dangers that come with it. And for NBA players like Ja Morant, it's time to learn from their mistakes and start being better role models for young men everywhere.


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