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Bank of America's New Mortgage - A Step Towards Equality in Homeownership

Wait, WHAT?

Bank of America has got some exciting news for first-time homebuyers, especially those in minority communities. They're introducing a mortgage program with no down payment or closing costs in five US cities: Charlotte, Dallas, Detroit, Los Angeles, and Miami.

The best part? Your credit score won't be a deciding factor when applying for the home loan. Instead, they'll consider factors like timely payments of rent, phone bills, auto insurance, and utility bills. It's all about helping more Black and Hispanic families achieve their dream of homeownership.

Indiana University finance professor Jun Zhu explains how removing these barriers can significantly benefit families with limited savings. This program could bridge the gap between available savings and upfront cash needed for a home.

To qualify, you'll need to buy a home in one of the five cities mentioned and complete a HUD-certified homebuyer course. Plus, no mortgage insurance is needed after getting the loan!

It's important to note that homeownership rates differ greatly across racial and ethnic groups due to wealth disparities and historic discrimination. Bank of America's new program is a step towards addressing these inequalities and helping more people own their dream homes. Let's hope we see more initiatives like this in the future!

Thoughts: 🧢

I can't go full no-cap on this. We know how these things go. Where's the backhand in this plan? I can't spot it YET. Love the idea coming to fruition, though!


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