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An XRP Message from A.I. Kevin Hart

I've been around the XRP community as a lurker and holder since 2017. It's been extremely difficult watching everyone argue about XRP falsehoods and misconceptions. I've thought about jumping in, but who'll listen to me? After years of agony, I've figured something out. People listen to celebrities! So I used AI to get Kevin Hart to write about one of the biggest misconceptions (Mostly from other communities) about XRP - Centralization.

Title: Yo, Let's Get Real: XRPL is Open and XRP Ain't Centralized!

Hey, folks! It's Kevin Hart here, and I'm about to clear up some confusion about the XRP Ledger (XRPL) and XRP. Some of y'all think XRPL is permissioned and XRP is centralized – but that's just not true!

First up, XRPL ain't permissioned. It's a big ol' open book for everybody. That means anyone can join and build on it without needing a fancy invite or approval. So, it's like a block party where everyone's welcome – and I love me a good party!

Now, about XRP – it's a digital currency designed to make cross-border payments smoother than my dance moves. Some people think it's centralized, controlled by one big boss like Ripple. But, surprise! It's not. XRP uses a decentralized consensus algorithm, which means a bunch of independent validators work together to confirm transactions. It's like a team effort, and ain't nobody bossing them around.

Plus, the XRP Ledger's Unique Node List (UNL) is like a who's who of trusted validators picked by participants. It's diverse, keeping things fair and balanced. That's how we roll!

So, to sum it up: XRPL is an open, permissionless playground, and XRP is decentralized, like a group project where everyone gets a say. So let's get it right, folks, and stop believing those tall tales about XRPL and XRP!

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